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Natural Support for Many Dietary and Health Problems


Laura Fleisher, MS, CNHP, CCT

Apeiron Epigenetics Coach

Certified Nutrigenomics Practitioner

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The Human Genome Project has revolutionized the knowledge of our individualized genetic makeup.    The study also concluded, that although we all have individual genetic predisposition, we have great influence over the expression of our genes.  This is the science of epigenetics or the expression of our unique genetic code.   This is why  a set of identical twins, may grow up to have very different health outcomes.   

According to the Human Study of European Genetics study 2014 - People who followed a genetic based diet lost 33% more weight and gained more lean mass.  

Another interesting tidbit with your genetic code unlocks the key to many questions:  why do some people have issues with sugar, while others experience a build up of plaque in their arteries, why do some people gain weight around their mid-section, why do some people have issues with not being able to say no to sweets?  Many of these previously unanswered mysteries, now lie in our genetic code.  The field of Nutrigenomics is fascinating!  Why?  Why, we learn a little about our genetic code and how we can influence the code to optimize to look good, feel good and stay fit and healthy!

We have created a gene SNP template to look at over 120 genetic SNP’s, where most direct-to-consumer testing looks at less than 20, most less than 10.   We look at genetic factors affecting; appetite, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, taste, hunger, satiety, and even insulin resistance. When put together, a coach can give you direction on identifying a nutritional plan that will give you the greatest chance of achieving your goals and optimizing your human potential.

We also will will assist you in fine tuning your supplementation requirements to best compliment your personal genetics.

Other factors that influence your overall health are our sleep patterns.  Circadian propensity has a strong genetic components and matching your genetic predisposition can have significant health benefits

C.I.R.M offers the program that best meets your goals and desires, whether it is weight loss, optimizing health and nutrition, or addressing issues tailored to your individual needs.

We also have a cutting edge Environmental Health and Detoxification program, if you desire a program that looks at your personal genetics and how it might be impacting overall health.   We carry genetics that can cause varying responses to environmental exposures. 

Learn about your strengths and optimize your risks!

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